Wings Cultural Society is delighted to acknowledge the contribution of NIRVANA as it has helped us grow as a cultural society when it comes to Wings and its online presence on social media. NIRVANA has been an incredible source with some well thought out ideas in designing the website for us. The way they helped us with constructing the neat and user friendly website for Wings Cultural Society is quite incredible. We cannot thank NIRVANA enough for being a part of our growth and for assisting us in getting where we are today. We would like to thank NIRVANA for helping us and we would like to express our desire to work with NIRVANA for future endeavors. We would love to discover new avenues with NIRVANA. "



Thanks a lot mam for your support during traning. This would not be possible without your, Ajit sir, Sanjay sir, Piyush sir, Shaista mam and Karnesh sir's help. Mam there is one more good news that i got placed in Cognizant. My experience in Nirvana was superb. We got to know very much and it was above our expectations. Working environment was very friendly and co-operative. As being fresher we hesitated to come in office but all our hesitation got removed as all were so friendly and helpful with us. Our project also became successful only because of you all. Thanks to all. "

Shreya Pruthi


Our experience in NIRVANA was awesome and till now we keep on discussing about our experience and friendly as well as cooperative nature of all the members specially Smita Mam, Ajit sir, Sanjay Sir, Piyush Sir, Karnesh Sir and Shaista Mam. Without all of you our project would have never been successful. By hearing about the friendly environment of NIRVANA and observing our project our friends also say that they wish they could also have done their project from NIRVANA.We entered NIRVANA with basic knowledge of .net but we learn a lot over there specially practical applications which will be really helpful in our future.So thanks a lot for everything. "



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